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New home page released

By Marton Bodonyi, 08th Nov 2018

Aircamp has a new home page! Aircamp's new home page has recent reviews, top campsites and a bit of an intro about what we do an why we exist. We're hoping that our new home page serves as a soft landing for beginner campers. The rest of our website is the same and you can still access our old home...

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New version of Aircamp App with instant rate and map improvements

By Marton Bodonyi, 31st Oct 2018

This month we've released a new version of our App with two new features for iOS and Android. Instant Rate campsites Aircampers across Australia can now instant rate campgrounds without needing to leave a review or photos. Differentiate between major and minor campgrounds on the map Minor campgroun...

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By Mike Hill, 13th Mar 2018 (Updated on 25th Oct 2018)

Can I add a campsite or caravan park to the app? Yes... kind of. We are still building that functionality into the app. But until then you can leave some details here and we'll do everything we can to make sure you are in the app and on the website as soon as possible. Can I book through Aircamp? Ye...

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Aircamp 2.3.20 now available on iOS - Faster with some bug fixes

By Marton Bodonyi, 05th Sep 2018

A new version of our app is now available on the App Store for iOS users. Performance We've switched up a few of the internals in the app so our download size has more than halved, our startup time has halved, and our photo upload speed should be considerably faster! Autocomplete reviews bug fixed T...

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Our new dashboard for Campsite Managers

By Marton Bodonyi, 05th Jul 2018 (Updated on 01st Aug 2018)

One of our missions is to create the best source of accurate and helpful information about campsites accessible to the most amount of Australian's as possible. As part of this mission we're proud to release our new dashboard for Campsite Managers into the wild! If you manage a campsite and would lik...

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New driving distance filters

By Marton Bodonyi, 19th Jul 2018

This week we're trialling driving distance filters for selected cities in Australia! On the app and website you'll find the new filter which allows you to search for campsites within 2 hours drive from Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. We calculate driving distances from the centre of the ci...

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View camper profiles on the App

By Marton Bodonyi, 16th Jul 2018

We've added a great new feature to Aircamp, camper profiles! Now you can view your own profile as well as the profiles of other campers. Simply tap on a user in the app to see reviews and photos they've submitted. Our new apps are free and out now on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. If y...

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Updated Aircamp apps for iOS and Android

By Marton Bodonyi, 06th Jul 2018

Today we've released our updated apps in to the wild. Amongst the bug fixes and performance improvements here are 3 new features that make this release the best Aircamp release yet. Favourites in map view You can now keep track of your favourites within the map and add new favourites in list views t...

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