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Aircamp 2.3.20 now available on iOS - Faster with some bug fixes

05th Sep 2018

A new version of our app is now available on the App Store for iOS users.


We've switched up a few of the internals in the app so our download size has more than halved, our startup time has halved, and our photo upload speed should be considerably faster!

Autocomplete reviews bug fixed

There was an annoying bug in the previous version when writing long reviews where autocomplete would rewrite words in the middle of reviews and make it hard for users to type fast. This has now been fixed and reviews on the whole should be much faster!

Campsite manager review replies

Review replies by campsite managers are now highlighted in the app to make them more obvious. We're currently working hard to encourage campsite managers to manage their listings on Aircamp, reply to reviews and interact with campers in positive ways.