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Sarah S.
1 year ago

Let’s talk about Carlisle River Reserve. It’s listed as free camping on several pages. It has an outdoor kitchen, playground and outdoor toilets. It’s not a camping site.... Its a football club with a footy field. The residents and council have never heard of it being a campsite. They were however very welcoming and said they are happy to have campers as long as they keep the place clean. Bless them. If you need a free spot to camping that isn’t inland on your great ocean road Journey. Beware of the house right behind. The couple where DV at 3am. We were so scared we wanted to get out of there ASAP. Spoke to a local in the morning who said they are always like that. Wasn’t great.

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59 Gellibrand River Rd, Carlisle River, Victoria

Carlisle River Reserve

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