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Photo of Hamish John Appleby
Hamish John Appleby
1 month ago

This is quite a tranquil spot by the lake. The main thing that I did not appreciate were quite a few people with big boom boxes hammering out 'tunes'. One tip is to try to find a site at the far end that seems to be where quiet humble people camp fish. The toilets were a bit dodgy with lots of seemingly used toilet paper leaching out of the bottom onto the grass around the building. Don't look too closely behind trees or bushes people seem to dump a lot of rubbish or even take dumps themselves. Look - it's not a bad place and let's face it it's a free site and in summer I think it would be quite fun to take a canoe there or swim but if you have a low tolerance for boomboxes and bogans then you might want to reconsider.

Photo of Lake Burrumbeet Camp Area

LOT 37 Dobsons Lane, Burrumbeet, Victoria

Lake Burrumbeet Camp Area

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