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Photo of Melissa A.
Melissa A.
4 months ago

We were there for 8 days from Boxing Day till early January. The river is gorgeous, the flow isn’t strong so it’s great for swimming but it’s strong enough that it’s not stagnant. Lots of birds, interesting insects and indigenous vegetation along the river edges, fantastic for nature lovers! My brother had a great time out on his kayak. There was a low breeze almost the entire time which kept the mosquitoes away. The main area is next to a boat ramp and there were lots of boats, so I assume good fishing. All the boats went away from camp and everyone was very respectful and slowed down for swimmers when passing. In fact everyone there was really friendly! There are multiple areas, but only one has access to the toilet, so it was pretty full, but apart from one group with a generator and 4 dogs that they ignored, everyone was quiet, respectful and and really friendly! Drop toilets were pretty standard and Parks Rangers came twice to top up the toilet paper and rainwater tank. No firewood around camp, but plenty a short drive up the road. Only negative was that the ground was very hard and dusty.

Photo of Majors Creek Reserve - Mitchellstown

Mitchellstown-Graytown Road, Mitchellstown, Victoria

Majors Creek Reserve - Mitchellstown

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