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Yalwal Campground

Yalwal will be closed until further notice.

Photo of Jane S.
Jane S.
1 year ago

We were a big group with kids last year Xmas holls we found a few things pretty how ya going ie tent pegs need solid steel as heaps of rocks under soil, goanna gang up at Cook time and swarm your site and even steal steaks off tables, and lastly the 2 bore pigs at night time was really interesting and kept us sleeping 1 eye open lol otherwise that aside the swim area has some big eels and u need alotta insect repellent or coils. Take own water, use their water for only showers and cleaning, take own loo paper and uhf radios are handy as ranger isn't always there when groups rock up to party and drink their nights away. Overall will return again 😉🤪

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Yalwal Road Yalwal NSW 2540

Yalwal Campground

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