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Can I add a campsite or caravan park to the app?

Yes... kind of. We are still building that functionality into the app. But until then you can leave some details here and we'll do everything we can to make sure you are in the app and on the website as soon as possible.

Can I book through Aircamp?

Yes and No. You can "Request to Book" a place. Rest assured "Instant Book" is on it's way soon!

Can I check availability through Aircamp?

Yes and No. You can "Request to Book" a place and they will let you know if they have availability.

Can I save all locations to my mobile in case I have no reception?

Not yet. But you will be able to soon!

Leaving reviews...


  • Be constructive.
  • Speak to a campsite manager about fixing the issue before reviewing.
  • Highlight features we missed in the app to help other Aircampers. Don’t:
  • Don’t be abusive. Ever. Period.
  • Don’t review a place if you did not go and just drive past.
  • Don’t review a place down for reasons outside of the campsites owners control (weather, loud campers).

Remember: You are reviewing someone’s livelihood. A bad review can be very bad for their business so please think carefully before leaving one.

We will delete any abusive comments of any type. This is camping, be nice!

What is TAWK?

You might see a little filter called 'TAWK Supporters'. TAWK, or Travelling Australia With Kids, is an incredible business that has made camping with kids easier. They have signed up nearly 100 caravan parks that have committed to giving free nights camping to your kids if you are a TAWK member. You can find out more right here.

The details on a campsite are incorrect, what should I do?

That’s an easy one. Simple report it using the ‘Suggest a change’ button on the campsite details page.

How can I filter my results?

Filters are a powerful feature within Aircamp. You can click the Filters button to the right of the Search bar or in the main menu. Then choose the filters you want to see and the app will do the rest.

Are all the details on Aircamp correct?

Data on caravan parks is more likely to be accurate than free camps. That’s where we rely on you, our community. If you spot something that’s not right please tell us. That’s why Aircamp is free. It relies on input from the community to ensure details are accurate.

Do you accept all photos?

No. We check every photo. We are passionate about trying to keep the photo quality as high as possible. Sometime that means we have to stop a few going through. Sorry!

Why is Aircamp free?

We are still working out how to commercialise Aircamp, but one thing is for sure. We will never charge you to download the app. As passionate campers who love going to new places and seeing new things, we believe Aircamp should be available to everyone at no cost forever. We hope you agree.

What’s the biggest thing I can do to keep Aircamp free?

  1. Tell a friend!
  2. Leave a review (or star rating if you are shy)
  3. Upload photos! If you have quality photos, we'd love to see them on the site and app.

I own/manage one of the campsites you’ve listed. Can I claim my campsite as an official owner / manager?

Yes! We’d love to hear from you. Simply head here and click the big blue button and follow the instructions. Best of all... it's free!

How do I report a bug?

You can send an email to [email protected] Please give us as much information as possible. eg What were you doing before the bug happened? What was the result of the bug? Do you have a screenshot? What phone were you on? It really helps us fix things for you as soon as possible.

How do ‘points’ work?

To be honest, we’re not 100% sure yet! We’re still figuring it out. At the moment you get points for contributing to the app. One day they might turn into goodies and free stuff. Who knows!?

Who’s behind Aircamp?

Mike and Marty. Hey guys! We built Aircamp for 2 very simple reasons: We think more people need to go camping. Period. And we were frustrated by the current tools on the market. We love camping and we love technology. We met accidentally, but fortuitously, and within 3 months, we’d produced this app. We have so many ideas and updates on the way. We can’t wait to show you what we have planned. If you love the app, we’d love a 5 star rating, if you don’t…tell us what to fix… then wait until you do love it… then give us 5 stars! Until then, happy camping; we’re so glad you are here.

Still have a question?

If you have a question that is not answered above, please email us at [email protected]. These questions are all questions from Aircampers like you, so please don’t be shy!

Check out the free Aircamp app on iPhone and Android and join our community.

If you have any feedback on how we can make Aircamp better let us know by emailing [email protected].