Top 22 free campsites near Canoeing

For those camping on the cheap, here are some great campsites we found near Canoeing. 

Photo of Firth Park Campground
9.4 kms

140 Firth Rd, Trentham East, Victoria

Firth Park Campground

12 Ratings
Photo of Upper Chadwick Campsite
13.1 kms

Upper Chadwick Track, Lerderderg, Victoria

Upper Chadwick Campsite

3 Ratings
Photo of Amblers Crossing Campground
13.8 kms

Ambler Lane Track, Greendale, Victoria

Amblers Crossing Campground

4 Ratings
Photo of Warburtons Bridge
13.8 kms

Drummond - Vaughan Forest Road, Glenluce. S37.10.207, E144.14.292, Victoria

Warburtons Bridge

6 Ratings
Photo of Doug Stones Gold Map Campsite
12.5 kms

, Victoria

Doug Stones Gold Map Campsite

1 Rating
Photo of Wombat Trail Camp Ground
9.7 kms

Wombat State Park, Victoria

Wombat Trail Camp Ground

0 Ratings
Photo of Mt Franklin Reserve
15.6 kms

Mount Franklin Rd, Mount Franklin, Victoria

Mt Franklin Reserve

12 Ratings
Photo of Ottie Track
15 kms

New Sultan Rd, Blackwood, Victoria

Ottie Track

1 Rating
Photo of Vaughan Upper Terrace Camping Ground
15.3 kms

Vaughan, Victoria

Vaughan Upper Terrace Camping Ground

5 Ratings
Photo of Pole Track Camp
11.6 kms

Pole Track, Lancefield, Victoria

Pole Track Camp

0 Ratings
Photo of Chokem Flat
15.7 kms

Campbells Creek-Fryers Rd, Fryerstown, Victoria

Chokem Flat

1 Rating
Photo of Balt Camp Site
16.3 kms

Lerderderg Track, Blakeville, Victoria

Balt Camp Site

1 Rating
Photo of Clarkes
18.4 kms

Clarkes Rd, Franklinford, Victoria


1 Rating
Photo of Nolans Creek Campground
14.8 kms

Lerderderg Rd, Blakeville, Victoria

Nolans Creek Campground

0 Ratings
Photo of The Redesdale Hotel
20 kms

2640 Kyneton-Heathcote Road, Redesdale, Victoria

The Redesdale Hotel

1 Rating
Photo of Leanganook Camp Site
20.6 kms

23 Joseph Young Drive, Sutton Grange, Victoria

Leanganook Camp Site

2 Ratings
Photo of Coach & Horses Inn
21.5 kms

50 Station St, Clarkefield, Victoria

Coach & Horses Inn

2 Ratings
Photo of Jessie Kennedy Reserve
18.8 kms

Midland Hwy, Campbells Creek, Victoria

Jessie Kennedy Reserve

1 Rating