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Top 26 free campsites near Central Highlands

The 2019-20 camping season has been tough for many communities in Australia. Visiting these communities and spending tourism dollars is a great way to help. If you'd like to support the communities directly you can also donate via the Red Cross or search for country fire departments across Australia and make donations directly. Stay safe and support our Australian regional communities.

For those camping on the cheap, here are some great campsites we found near Central Highlands. 

Photo of North Boat Ramp Camping

1075 Sandbar Road, Lake Lonsdale, Victoria

North Boat Ramp Camping

14 Ratings
Photo of Kalymna Falls Campground

Mount William Picnic Ground Rd, Pomonal, Victoria

Kalymna Falls Campground

3 Ratings
Photo of Kikijarr Heights

Wallaby Rocks Rd, Zumsteins, Victoria

Kikijarr Heights

1 Rating
Photo of Green Hill Lake Reserve

Greenhill Lake Rd, Ararat, Victoria

Green Hill Lake Reserve

24 Ratings
Photo of Kikijarr View Campsite

Wallaby Rocks Rd, Zumsteins, Victoria

Kikijarr View Campsite

3 Ratings
Photo of Plantation Campground

Mount Zero Rd, Halls Gap, Victoria

Plantation Campground

35 Ratings
Photo of Teddington Hut

Teddington Road, Stuart Mill 3477, Victoria

Teddington Hut

2 Ratings
Photo of Loo with a View Bush Camp

Wallaby Rocks Rd, Zumsteins, Victoria

Loo with a View Bush Camp

2 Ratings
Photo of Flat Rock 2

Sandbar Rd, Lake Lonsdale, Victoria

Flat Rock 2

4 Ratings
Photo of Ararat Reservoir

Reservoir Road, Bayindeen, Victoria

Ararat Reservoir

1 Rating
Photo of Under the Trees

Mount Zero Rd, Halls Gap, Victoria

Under the Trees

4 Ratings
Photo of Wannon Crossing

Grampians Rd, Mafeking, Victoria

Wannon Crossing

5 Ratings
Photo of Bush Campsite

Stony Creek Rd, Bellfield, Victoria

Bush Campsite

1 Rating
Photo of Kooreh Hall

7766 Wimmera Hwy, Kooreh, Victoria

Kooreh Hall

1 Rating
Photo of Teddington Reservoir

501 Teddington Road, Stuart Mill, Victoria

Teddington Reservoir

2 Ratings
Photo of Streatham Riverside Rec Reserve

7497 Glenelg Hwy, Streatham, Victoria

Streatham Riverside Rec Reserve

2 Ratings
Photo of Walkers Lake

Walker Road, Avon Plains, Victoria

Walkers Lake

5 Ratings
Photo of Langi Ghiran State Park Camp Area

Langi Ghiran Picnic Road, Warrak, Victoria

Langi Ghiran State Park Camp Area

1 Rating