Camp with your pets at these 6 campgrounds near Coffin Bay National Park

The 2019-20 fire season has been tough for many communities in Australia. Visiting these communities and spending tourism dollars is a great way to help. If you'd like to support the communities directly you can also donate via the Red Cross or search for country fire departments across Australia and make donations directly. Stay safe and support our Australian regional communities.

We know it can be a struggle to find great campgrounds to go to with your pets that's why we collected this list of 6 campgrounds near Coffin Bay National Park.

Photo of Ricky Bates Reserve

Mt Dutton Bay, South Australia

Ricky Bates Reserve

4 Ratings
Photo of The Ledge

Oyster Walk, Coffin Bay, South Australia

The Ledge

5 Ratings
Photo of Coffin Bay Caravan Park

Esplanade, Coffin Bay, South Australia

Coffin Bay Caravan Park

5 Ratings
Photo of Farm Beach Camping

Hull Rd, Coulta, South Australia

Farm Beach Camping

1 Rating
Photo of Shelly Beach Lodge Campsite

148 Shelly Beach Road, Mount Dutton Bay, South Australia

Shelly Beach Lodge Campsite

0 Ratings
Photo of Woolshed Caravan Park & Cottage

Woolshed Dr, Mt Dutton Bay, South Australia

Woolshed Caravan Park & Cottage

0 Ratings