The 2019-20 fire season has been tough for many communities in Australia. Visiting these communities and spending tourism dollars is a great way to help. If you'd like to support the communities directly you can also donate via the Red Cross or search for country fire departments across Australia and make donations directly. Stay safe and support our Australian regional communities.

We found 205 campgrounds near Gippsland, VIC.

Photo of Best Friend Holiday Retreat

1720 Tarra Valley Road, Tarra Valley VIC 3971

Best Friend Holiday Retreat

3 Ratings
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Photo of Caringal Scout Camp

690 Telbit Rd, Tyres Junction

Caringal Scout Camp

2 Ratings
Photo of Walhalla North Gardens

LOT 119C Walhalla Rd, Walhalla, Victoria

Walhalla North Gardens

6 Ratings
Photo of 90 Mile Beach - C19 Campground

2149-2151 Shoreline Dr, The Honeysuckles, Victoria

90 Mile Beach - C19 Campground

1 Rating
Photo of Tarra Valley Caravan Park

1906 Tarra Valley Road, Tarra Valley, Victoria, 3971, AU

Tarra Valley Caravan Park

2 Ratings
Photo of Minneha'ha Falls

1223 Albert River Rd, Hiawatha, Victoria

Minneha'ha Falls

8 Ratings
Photo of Bear Gully Campground

465 Bear Gully Rd, Tarwin Lower, Victoria

Bear Gully Campground

6 Ratings
Photo of Yarram Holiday Park

375 Commercial Rd, Yarram, Victoria

Yarram Holiday Park

2 Ratings
Photo of Long Jetty Foreshore Caravan Park

6 Port Welshpool Rd, Port Welshpool 3965, Victoria

Long Jetty Foreshore Caravan Park

1 Rating
Photo of Tidal River Campground

Wilsons Promontory Rd, Tidal River, Victoria

Tidal River Campground

13 Ratings
Photo of Paradise Valley Camping Ground

51 Gells Rd, Glenmaggie, Victoria

Paradise Valley Camping Ground

5 Ratings
Photo of Cherry Creek Camp

, Victoria

Cherry Creek Camp

1 Rating
Photo of Yanakie Caravan Park

390 Foley Road, Yanakie, Victoria, 3960, AU

Yanakie Caravan Park

13 Ratings
Photo of Waratah Bay Caravan Park

11 Freycinet St, Waratah Bay, Victoria

Waratah Bay Caravan Park

4 Ratings
Photo of Walkerville Camping Reserve

82 Bayside Drive, Walkerville North, Victoria

Walkerville Camping Reserve

7 Ratings
Photo of Bunga Arm Campground

Unnamed Rd, Boole Poole, Victoria

Bunga Arm Campground

1 Rating
Photo of Lakeside Campground

Heyfield-Jamieson Rd, Glenmaggie, Victoria

Lakeside Campground

1 Rating
Photo of Loch Sport Caravan Park

Charlies St, Loch Sport, Victoria

Loch Sport Caravan Park

3 Ratings