Top 13 free campsites near Lower Glenelg National Park

For those camping on the cheap, here are some great campsites we found near Lower Glenelg National Park. 

Photo of Fort O'Hare
9.1 kms

Greenham St, Dartmoor, Victoria

Fort O'Hare

5 Ratings
Photo of Bowd Campground
8.3 kms

River Fire Lane, Mumbannar, Victoria

Bowd Campground

0 Ratings
Photo of Wright Horse Camp
8.7 kms

Wrights Swamp Rd, Greenwald, Victoria

Wright Horse Camp

0 Ratings
Photo of Dry Creek
14.9 kms

Dry Creek Rd, Donovans, South Australia

Dry Creek

2 Ratings
Photo of Hiscocks Camp
14.1 kms

The Boulevard, Winnap, Victoria

Hiscocks Camp

0 Ratings
Photo of Annya Camp
19.3 kms

Annya Rd, Hotspur, Victoria

Annya Camp

1 Rating
Photo of Camp On Crawford River
15.7 kms

Bronze Wing Track, Hotspur, Victoria

Camp On Crawford River

0 Ratings
Photo of Browns Bay Carpark
21.5 kms

LOT 9 Eight Mile Creek Road, Eight Mile Creek, South Australia

Browns Bay Carpark

4 Ratings
Photo of Surry Ridge Camp Ground
17.6 kms

Cut Out Dam Rd, Heywood, Victoria

Surry Ridge Camp Ground

0 Ratings
Photo of Rennick State Forrest
18.3 kms

Princess Margaret Rd, Mumbannar, Victoria

Rennick State Forrest

0 Ratings
Photo of Eight Mile Creek
23.5 kms

Eight Mile Creek Rd, Eight Mile Creek, South Australia

Eight Mile Creek

11 Ratings
Photo of Crawford River
20 kms

Portland-Casterton Rd, Hotspur, Victoria

Crawford River

0 Ratings
Photo of Heywood Apex Park
22.4 kms

10 Cameron St, Heywood, Victoria

Heywood Apex Park

0 Ratings