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14 campgrounds with toilets and rainwater near Lower Glenelg National Park

The 2019-20 camping season has been tough for many communities in Australia. Visiting these communities and spending tourism dollars is a great way to help. If you'd like to support the communities directly you can also donate via the Red Cross or search for country fire departments across Australia and make donations directly. Stay safe and support our Australian regional communities.

Many campers consider rainwater and toilets a bare minimum at campgrounds and luckily Australia is full of those. Here are 14 campgrounds we found near Lower Glenelg National Park which have toilets and rainwater. No need to bring a shovel this time (although do bring toilet paper - campgrounds aren't always stocked).

Photo of Wild Dog Bend Campground

Wild Dog Bend Track, Mount Richmond, Victoria

Wild Dog Bend Campground

2 Ratings
Photo of Fort O'Hare

Greenham St, Dartmoor, Victoria

Fort O'Hare

11 Ratings
Photo of Swan Lake Camp

, Victoria

Swan Lake Camp

2 Ratings
Photo of River Vu Park

23-31 Kellett St, Nelson, Victoria

River Vu Park

3 Ratings
Photo of Pritchards Campground

Winnap-Nelson Rd, Nelson, Victoria

Pritchards Campground

4 Ratings
Photo of Kywong Caravan Park

92 Nelson North Rd, Nelson, Victoria

Kywong Caravan Park

3 Ratings
Photo of Bowd Campground

River Fire Lane, Mumbannar, Victoria

Bowd Campground

1 Rating
Photo of Lake Monibeong Camp Site

Lake Monibeong Rd, Nelson, Victoria

Lake Monibeong Camp Site

2 Ratings
Photo of Kookaburra Camp

100 Harris Rd, Drik Drik, Victoria

Kookaburra Camp

0 Ratings
Photo of Pines Landing

Hedditches Rd, Drik Drik, Victoria

Pines Landing

0 Ratings
Photo of Pattersons Canoe Camping Area

Great South West Walk, Nelson, Victoria

Pattersons Canoe Camping Area

0 Ratings
Photo of Lasletts Canoe Camp

Great South West Walk, Nelson, Victoria

Lasletts Canoe Camp

0 Ratings
Photo of Wright Horse Camp

Wrights Swamp Rd, Greenwald, Victoria

Wright Horse Camp

0 Ratings
Photo of Jackass Fern Gully Campground

Drumborg, Victoria

Jackass Fern Gully Campground

0 Ratings