Top 13 campsites that allow fires near Picnic Point Beach

They say life is better around the campfire. And we could not agree more.  Over the years due to increase fire risk it's become a challenge to find great campsites that allow you to have a fire by your tent.  Please be a responsible Aircamper and brush up on your fire safety knowledge. Bushwalking NSW has a great article that'll give you the rundown on how to light a fire responsibly. Below we've collected some hidden gems near Picnic Point Beach that still allow you to sit back, toast your feet and incinerate some marshmallows while telling stories about camping when you were a kid.

Photo of Wings Wildlife Park
10.4 kms

137 Winduss Rd, Gunns Plains, Tasmania

Wings Wildlife Park

1 Rating
Photo of Bannons Park
8.6 kms

Gunns Plains Rd, Gunns Plains, Tasmania

Bannons Park

0 Ratings
Photo of Lake Barrington
16.7 kms

Lake Barrington Road, Wilmot, Tasmania

Lake Barrington

3 Ratings
Photo of Spellmans Reserve
14.6 kms

410-500 Spellmans Rd, Upper Castra, Tasmania

Spellmans Reserve

0 Ratings
Photo of Bakers Point Narwantapu National Park
21.4 kms

Bakers Beach, Port Sorell, Tasmania

Bakers Point Narwantapu National Park

2 Ratings
Photo of Kentish Park Lake Barrington
17 kms

West Kentish Rd, West Kentish, Tasmania

Kentish Park Lake Barrington

0 Ratings
Photo of Upper Natone Forest Reserve
17.3 kms

Blythe Rd, Upper Natone, Tasmania

Upper Natone Forest Reserve

0 Ratings
Photo of Lake Kara Campsite
18.5 kms

Lake Kara Rd, Upper Natone, Tasmania

Lake Kara Campsite

0 Ratings
Photo of Leven Canyon Reserve
19.2 kms

820 Loongana Rd, Nietta, Tasmania

Leven Canyon Reserve

0 Ratings
Photo of Lake Gairdner Campsite
24.3 kms

Moina, Tasmania

Lake Gairdner Campsite

2 Ratings
Photo of Moomba Holiday & Caravan Park
20.4 kms

24 Kermode St, Port Sorell, Tasmania

Moomba Holiday & Caravan Park

0 Ratings
Photo of Wilmot Dam Camp Site
23.5 kms

Wilmot Dam Rd, Moina, Tasmania

Wilmot Dam Camp Site

2 Ratings
Photo of Horse Yard Campground
23.4 kms

Horse Track, Bakers Beach, Tasmania

Horse Yard Campground

0 Ratings