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Top 5 National Park campgrounds near Wollemi National Park

The 2019-20 camping season has been tough for many communities in Australia. Visiting these communities and spending tourism dollars is a great way to help. If you'd like to support the communities directly you can also donate via the Red Cross or search for country fire departments across Australia and make donations directly. Stay safe and support our Australian regional communities.

Australia has some of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Here are our favourite 5 national park campgrounds near Wollemi National Park.

Photo of Coorongooba campground

Glen Davis NSW 2846

Coorongooba campground

5 Ratings
Photo of Newnes campground

Wolgan Rd, Newnes NSW 2790

Newnes campground

31 Ratings
Photo of Ganguddy-Dunns Swamp campground

Wollemi National Park | Rylestone, New South Wales, Australia

Ganguddy-Dunns Swamp campground

10 Ratings
Photo of Sheepskin Hut campground

Howes Valley Trail Rd, Howes Valley, New South Wales

Sheepskin Hut campground

1 Rating
Photo of Colo Meroo campground

Wollemi National Park

Colo Meroo campground

0 Ratings