Top 8 National Park campgrounds near Wollemi National Park

Australia has some of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Here are our favourite 8 national park campgrounds near Wollemi National Park.

Photo of Coorongooba campground
7.9 kms

Glen Davis NSW 2846

Coorongooba campground

4 Ratings
Photo of Newnes Campground
13.3 kms

Wolgan Rd, Newnes NSW 2790

Newnes Campground

14 Ratings
Photo of Newnes (Over River) Campground
13.4 kms

Newnes Ruins Rd, Newnes, New South Wales

Newnes (Over River) Campground

3 Ratings
Photo of Dunns Swamp
16.3 kms

Wollemi National Park | Rylestone, New South Wales, Australia

Dunns Swamp

8 Ratings
Photo of Off Road Quarry
19.4 kms

Glowworm Tunnel Rd, Newnes Plateau, New South Wales

Off Road Quarry

0 Ratings
Photo of Capertee National Park
24.5 kms

Unnamed Rd, Bogee, New South Wales

Capertee National Park

3 Ratings
Photo of Deep Pass
22.5 kms

Deep Pass South Rd, Newnes Plateau, NSW

Deep Pass

0 Ratings
Photo of Baal Bone trackside
22.7 kms

, New South Wales

Baal Bone trackside

0 Ratings